THANN Sanctuary for an indulgent experience

Bangkok is well-known for its tropical nights, sandy beaches, Thai massage, and trendy designs, whether house wares or high fashion. The THANN Sanctuary will definitely add to Bangkok’s image as an indulgent destination.

THANN is the popular Thai that focuses on being a contemporary Asian lifestyle brand. Its products include wood-infused shower gels, the jasmine-scented hand and body creams, facial products incorporating rice barley and shiso as well as a lovely line of scented candles and essential oils. The great scents are a combination of new and old, which THANN also tests for effectiveness in the lab.

There are two locations of the THANN Sanctuary Spa, which offers THANN products in conjuction with its THANN spa services. The first location is in the ultra-glam shopping destination, Gaysorn Plaza, in the Ratchaprasong District. Another location is at the Siam Discovery Center at the ever convient Siam District.

The interiors of the rooms are fragrant, moody, and sensuous with many natural elements to give the entire space a relaxed, earthy feel. The therapists are very good, the products themselves are first-rate, and the atmosphere hints at a natural Zen-like quality. The attention to detail and service is evident the moment you step into the THANN Santuary.

I recently had a Nano Shiso Anti-Aging Face Massage that lasted 1.5 hours. After a hectic day at work, it was an almost unreal experience to be so pampered. First, you are treated to a foot soak. Then, you are moved onto the massage table. The face massage involves several applications of different facial products including cleanser, mask and scrub. With each application, the therapists goes through a tedious routine while you relax and breathe in all the lovely aromas.

At the end of the face massage, the therapist briefly massages your arms and feet. The finale of the whole experience is a head, neck and shoulder massage. After the massage you are treated to some fruit, light rice tea and a warm towel. The results were an extremely relaxed mind and body with wonderfully soft skin.

THANN Sanctuary

Photo: StreetFly JZ on Flickr