Return of Starbucks Coffee Jelly

I am not a coffee lover. I love the smell of coffee but, I can’t drink the stuff. I stick to tea products. Luckily, in Thailand that’s not really hard to do with the selection of milk teas available to choose from.

So, imagine my surprise when I went to Starbucks and was offered a sample of a coffee drink with coffee jelly that I actually liked!! The sample cup was a miniature starbucks glass complete with the whipped cream and caramel on top. So cute!

It’s actually a re-release of the popular coffee jelly frappuccinos and caffe latte. The Starbucks Dark Roast coffee bean was used to give the coffee jelly its flavor. The coffee jelly taste is subtle and similar to that of espresso coffee.


Return of your favorite!

Enjoy our Coffee Jelly that is made from our premium Starbucks Dark Roast in Coffee Jelly Frappuccino Blended CoffeeCaramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino Blended Coffee and Iced Caramel Coffee Jelly Caffe Latte.