Night for Giving: Green Concert #13 with 7 Divos

Siam Paragon
Image by pahonyontin via Flickr

The 7 Divos is a part of an annual concert series organized by radio station, Green Wave 106.5 FM, as a charity fundraising event. This year the concert will be held on August 21-22, 2010 and features 7 popular male artists dressed in flashy tuxedos.

There will be tons of screaming fans, especially for Pee Kop, Pee Kong and Waan. Each artist has selected a special women which represents something special to him and the proceeds from this event will be split between each of the seven women and associated causes. One of the most heart touching moments was went Ma Tew from Home Huk Foundation brought the children to sing a special thank you. The concerts also have a goal to raise 1 million baht in donations from its audience, in additional to a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the merchandise.

  • Kong Saharat : ก้อง สหรัถ helping Dr. Cythia Maung, a political refugee from Myanmar with a small border clinic
  • Pord Thanachai : ป๊อด ธนชัย helped Ma Tew at Baan Home Huk, home for children with HIV/AIDs in Yasothon
  • Ben Chalatit : เบน ชลาทิศ helps the mother of a former actor who has taken care of her son for more than twenty years
  • Pop Calories Blah Blah : ป๊อบ ปองกูล helps Nong Nook Anchalee who is physically but not emotionally handicapped
  • Aof Pongsak : อ๊อฟ ปองศักดิ์ supports the mother of a border policeman who died in the southern violence
  • Warn Thanakrit : ว่าน ธนกฤต shows the love of one elderly couple despite tremendous hardship as the grandfather cares for his paralyzed wife
  • Kob Songsith : กบ ทรงสิทธิ์ supports Baan Chaiyapruek for abandoned children with Dr. Pan Soorn.

Concert begins at 8 pm at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon. Doors open at 7 pm.