Learning Thai this Mother’s Day

If you’ve ever tried to learn how to read and write in Thai, you’ve probably discovered that those curvy letters and numerous characters make Thai a challenging language to master. But, as with most things a bit of practice goes a long way to improving your Thai.

This Mother’s Day, try reading a few messages on the LearningThai.com website written in Thai by primary students. The difficulty increases with the age of the student so you can find the level appropriate to your ability.


Thai Mother’s Day

Today, August 12th, is a national holiday in Thailand as it is the Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday. As with the King’s birthday which is the same day as father’s day because he is considered to be the father of the country, the queen is similarly likened to the mother of the country.

On Mother’s day, children buy jasmine garlands for their mothers and present her with the flowers as a symbol of their respect and gratitude for her. Also, the children make promises to their mothers of how they will be good children, study hard and be well behaved. Many schools have Mother’s Day activities on August 11th where mother’s go to the school in order to receive the gifts that their children made for them and the jasmine garland. On August 12th, all schools and many government offices are closed.