Humorous video on Healthy Eating based on Por Peang Lifestyle

Eating your fruits and veggies will help you have a long and healthy life. Especially if you grew those fruits and veggies yourself in your garden without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. This video shows an elderly couple still enjoying their veggies, despite some difficulty in chewing, and their por peang lifestyle.

Por Peang Lifestyle and Community

The type of lifestyle promoted by sufficiency economy, or porpeang, focuses on sharing and building communities. In this short video, different characters and situations are shown where sharing and looking out for one another is beneficial for everyone. This video has characters that have the Thai alphabet on the shirt and is like saying “Mr. A” and “Mr. B” to give the examples. Very simple concept and this video makes it easy to understand and see the impact when it goes from the small, community scale to a grand, national scale.