Krispy Kreme Craziness at Siam Paragon

A few weeks after Krispy Kreme’s Grand Opening of it’s first branch in Bangkok, Thailand and people are still waiting two hours in line just to get these popular donuts.
In the mornings, some folks arrive two hours before Siam Paragon even opens in order to beat other anxious customers. The lines have been consistently long and be prepared to wait a minimum of two hours to get your quota of one dozen Krispy Kreme donuts per customer.
I had already had a sample of these donuts made in Thailand and I can verify that they taste just as rich and sweet as they did in the US. I enjoyed watching the donuts being made in the traditional Krispy Kreme conveyor belt fashion, even though I didn’t have the patience to wait in line to actually buy any of them. I’ll wait a few more weeks to see if the hype dies down.