Learning Thai this Mother’s Day

If you’ve ever tried to learn how to read and write in Thai, you’ve probably discovered that those curvy letters and numerous characters make Thai a challenging language to master. But, as with most things a bit of practice goes a long way to improving your Thai.

This Mother’s Day, try reading a few messages on the LearningThai.com website written in Thai by primary students. The difficulty increases with the age of the student so you can find the level appropriate to your ability.


Going Back to Work Blues

Being a teacher, I get a lot of holidays. I’ve always enjoyed that aspect of the job and it makes dealing with a tough day or getting through the end of the term a bit easier knowing that I’ll get weeks to recuperate.

The beginning of the term is upon me and while I’m excited to start a new year and hopefully do exciting things in the classroom with my students, I can’t help but feel sad that my summer holidays are coming to an end.

I’m sure every person has experienced the “going back to work blues” after coming back after a holiday, even if it’s only a weekend away. It’s simply the adjustment that everyone has to make from the “having fun” attitude to the “lets get back to work” attitude. When compared to visiting new places and eating new cuisines, cooking dinner at home and getting back to a normal routine just isn’t much fun.

I’ve dealt with the going back to work blues so many times. For me it’s been an extension of the going back to school blues that every student experiences because I’ve always been tied to the school year schedule, either as a student or as a teacher. It has become part of the rhythm of my life and it makes me appreciate the opportunities that I get to travel and see that world even more.

There is no quick remedy to the melancholy you’ll feel in the first few days, weeks or months-depending on how long you were away-as you get used to being back in the real world. However, there are a few things you can do to try an lessen the going back to world blues.

1. Give your self a few day back at home before you go back to  work. A little down time will give you time to deal with all the minutia of life before dealing with the office.

2. Catch up with your friends and family. If you were away, there are probably plenty of people who want to hear what you were up to. Just don’t complain too much about going back to work!

3. Keep busy. The more things you are doing outside of work, the less boring and routine your life will be. Also, you’ll have less time to think about how much you dislike going back to work.

4. Remember the good times you had during your time away. Hopefully you don’t have to look at your photo album everyday, but perhaps reminiscing about your recent journey will brighten your day.

5. Plan your next big vacation! Having a new destination and adventure to look forward to will keep you from dwelling on the monotony of being at work. If you need a short term solution, get a change of scenery by going out of town for the weekend.