Happiness with Por Peang Life #1


Notes on Video: Thai Language Only, From Moo Baan Jumrung in Rayong province

In the village of Jumrung in Rayong province, the children are following the same principles of backyard vegetable gardening that has been practice for generations. Whenever the children want to eat any of the fruits, vegetables, leaves or flowers that are grown surrounding their homes, they can pick them whenever they want. Some of the edible plants grown on their own and some are grown intentionally. Furthermore, the children know the uses parts of the different plants that are grown.

Rice is the staple of the Thai diet and the fruits and vegetables in the backyard garden provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for strong and healthy bodies. This ensures that the people of the household have good food to eat, even in the leanest of times. Not only does the edible plants cultivated by the families provide for the basis of a good diet, any surplus can be sold for extra income for the household.


This video is from the Global Social Venture Competition – Southeast Asia 2010 (GSVC-SEA) of Freehap. This team won at the regional finals and when to represent Southeast Asia at the Global Finals at the University of California, Berkley in April 2010. Part of Freehap’s charm is their energy, creativity and spontaneity which aligns with their idea of Free Happiness, shortened and combined to create the name “Freehap.” The members of the group represent Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University, both of which are top universities in Bangkok, Thailand. View the video to see the winning business idea presented by Freehap at the GSVC SEA final round to a respected and diverse panel of judges.