School Vegetable Garden in Northern Thailand

This video provides introduction to maintaining a useful vegetable garden. The school garden is cared for by the teachers and students at a border police-run school in Ban Pha Kha, Fang, Chiang Mai Province. The teacher discusses methods for caring for the various plants in the garden ranging from climbing plants which are trained on a bamboo trellis to salad greens and local fruits. She also talks about the fence that was built around the garden to prevent pigs from neighboring farms from coming into the garden and eating the vegetables. Shan and Thai language spoken in this video. (No English!)

19th Discovery Thailand 2010

The 19th Discovery Thailand & Discovery World

Covering Queen Sirikit National Convention Center’s exhibition areas, the events will bring together over 750 leading local and international tour operators as well as fully-integrated tourism services, including hotels, resorts, airlines, domestic and outbound travel agents, national and overseas tourism promotion organizations, car rental companies, boat cruises, travel equipment providers, restaurants and many more. As such, this event is an excellent place to do some holiday planning and get good value for your money. It is expected that over 300,000 visitors will attend this event looking for travel packages and discounts over the weekend.

Dates: September 2-5, 2010

Time: 10 am – 9 pm

Top Universities in Thailand

According to a study done by Webometrics and a ranking of South-East Asian universities, these are the top universities in Thailand:

  1. Prince of Songhkla University
  2. Chulalongkorn University
  3. Kasetsart University
  4. Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  5. Mahidol University
  6. Thammasat University
  7. Chiang Mian University
  8. Assumption University of Thailand
  9. Koh Kaen University

It’s only one school short of 10! This is the order in which the schools appear in the rankings.