Bakery item from Phillippines – Ensaymada

I recieved this pastry from a collegue of mine. It came all the way from Manila, Phillipines to Bangkok, Thailand. Apparently this type of pastery is actually from Majorca, Spain but is coommon in most former Spainsh territories like Latin America and the Phillipines.
In Phillipines, it is a brioche made with butter and topped with grated cheese and sugar. They are very popular around the holiday season.

After you @ J-avenue, Thonglor

Enjoying some Nutella Shibuya toast at a trendy local hangout, After You. This shop offers a great selection of sweets, hot and cold beverages and even a few breakfast items.
Many of the desserts are warm concoctions topped with ice cream. The result is a delicious teat that must be eaten quickly and is better when enjoyed with a few friends.
At this shop you must order at the counter and pay first. If you have a sweet tooth, you can even pour additional syrup on your dessert. Also, try the lightly flavored iced tea that is available and complimentary.

Ama Custard Bun

I came across an interesting dessert today. It is a custard bun from Ama Bakery. “Ama” is what many Thai-Chinese call their grandmothers.


Inside the box are these oval-shaped custard buns. Each bun is inside a plastic bag with a foil wrapper.


Here’s the custard bun split open so you can see the green custard inside. The dough is very soft and the custard is sweet.