iCare Club 2010, Creative Social Business Contest

There will be nine teams of university students presenting their ideas on three different topics. This event gives teams 15 minutes to present their ideas and judges will ask questions for 10 minutes. The event is run in Thai language and is geared towards the Thai context in terms of it’s problems, participants, judges and audience.

iCare Club
Location: Hotel S31
Time: 8:00-17:00
Partner: change fusion, Ashoka, Magnolia, TCDC, BE magazine, I care

Will Education for All be Achieved in Thailand?

In this video clip from UNESCO’s channel on youtube, Will Education for All be Achieved?, several Thai educators and UNESCO staff comment on the status of EFA in Thailand. Part of EFA is to provide universal primary education to all children as a basic human right. Thailand has been working on these issues for many years but there is still 5% which are still not being reached because they live in remote areas, are disable or have other barriers to attending school. EFA encompasses early childhood, primary and secondary education as well as higher education and adult education. The EFA goals were establish in 2000 and are expected to be reached by 2015, so in June 2010 there was an EFA Global Monitoring Report to look at the progress on these goals. Each country will be expected to make as much progress towards these goals in order to ensure that sustainable development in possible by having educated citizens.

Thai Reader Project by University of Wisconsin

If your Thai learning adventure has become a struggle due to the lack of intermediate to advanced materials, check out the University of Wisconsin’s Thai Reader Project.

The authors have attempted to create effective lessons in the reading of Thai that will help learners progress from the level of basic literacy to reading at the advanced level.

The lessons are based on authentic readings of the sort that learners of Thai will encounter in daily life in Thailand, ranging from basic informational texts to such as menus, timetables, newspaper advertisements and the like, to more complex texts such as news articles, editorials and short narratives.

There are two readers with 76 lessons. Volume I is for beginners up to high readers, Volume II is for intermediate to advanced readers. These are free resources which can be downloaded as PDF files.

Top 100 Asian Universities

Another list by Webometrics Ranking of Asian Universities.

Top Asia

Universities 1 to 100 of 100

Top Universities in Thailand

According to a study done by Webometrics and a ranking of South-East Asian universities, these are the top universities in Thailand:

  1. Prince of Songhkla University
  2. Chulalongkorn University
  3. Kasetsart University
  4. Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  5. Mahidol University
  6. Thammasat University
  7. Chiang Mian University
  8. Assumption University of Thailand
  9. Koh Kaen University

It’s only one school short of 10! This is the order in which the schools appear in the rankings.

Universities in Thailand

If you’ve ever considered attending University in Thailand, whether you are already living in Thailand or have family in Thailand, or are simply looking for an opportunity to study and travel, there are plenty of universities that may suit your needs. In fact, many universities have International Programs which means that the primary language of instruction is English. While tuition is usually higher for these programs and admissions are more selective because the programs are smaller, many students from all around the world choose to study at Thai universities, either to obtain a degree or as part of a study abroad or exchange program.

  1. Asian University of Science and Technology
  2. Assumption University of Thailand
  3. Bangkok University
  4. Burapha University
  5. Chiang Mai University
  6. Christian College
  7. Chulalongkorn University
  8. Dhurakijpundit University
  9. Dusit Thani College
  10. Eastern Asia University
  11. Far Eastern College
  12. Hatyai City College
  13. Huachiew Chalermprakiet University
  14. Kasem Bundit University
  15. Kasetsart University
  16. Khon Kaen University
  17. King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
  18. King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok
  19. King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Thonburi
  20. Krirk University
  21. Mae Fah Luang University
  22. Maejo University
  23. Mahachulalongkorn Buddhist University
  24. Mahamakut Buddhist University
  25. Mahanakorn University of Technology
  26. Mahasarakham University
  27. Mahidol University
  28. Mahidol University International College
  29. Naresuan University
  30. National Institute of Development Administration
  31. Nivadhana University
  32. North-Eastern University
  33. Payap University Chaiang Mai
  34. Prince of Songkla University
  35. Rajabhat Institute – Suan Dusit
  36. Rajamangala Institute of Technology
  37. Rajapark College
  38. Ramkhamhaeng University
  39. Rangsit University
  40. Rattana Bundit College
  41. Saengtham College
  42. Saint Louis College
  43. Shinawatra University
  44. Siam University
  45. Silpakorn University
  46. Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
  47. South-East Asia University
  48. Southeast Bangkok College
  49. Srinakharinwirot University
  50. Sripatum University
  51. St. John’s University
  52. Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University
  53. Suranaree University of Technology
  54. Tapee College
  55. Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering
  56. Thaksin University
  57. Thammasat University
  58. The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment
  59. The University of Central Thailand
  60. Thonburi College of Technology
  61. Ubonratchathani University
  62. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
  63. Vongchavalitkul University
  64. Walailak University
  65. Webster University Thailand
  66. Yonok College

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Top 100 Universities in the World

These are the ranking for the top 100 universities in the world according to the Times – QS ranking, which is done annually. QS stands for Quacquarelli Symonds, a leading global career and education network. QS helps foster international mobility and educational and career development. They have an excellent website which aims to link educators and employers to qualified candidates from all over the world.

Rank School Name Country
1 HARVARD University United States
2= University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom
2= YALE University United States
2= University of OXFORD United Kingdom
5 Imperial College LONDON United Kingdom
6 PRINCETON University United States
7= University of CHICAGO United States
7= CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Calt… United States
9 UCL (University College LONDON) United Kingdom
10 MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (M… United States
11 COLUMBIA University United States
12 MCGILL University Canada
13 DUKE University United States
14 University of PENNSYLVANIA United States
15 JOHNS HOPKINS University United States
16 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia
17 University of TOKYO Japan
18 University of HONG KONG Hong Kong
19 STANFORD University United States
20= CARNEGIE MELLON University United States
20= CORNELL University United States
22 University of California, BERKELEY United States
23 University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom
24 King’s College LONDON United Kingdom
25 KYOTO University Japan
26 Ecole Normale Supérieure, PARIS France
27 University of MELBOURNE Australia
29 NORTHWESTERN University United States
30 University of MANCHESTER United Kingdom
31 The University of SYDNEY Australia
32 BROWN University United States
33= National University of SINGAPORE Singapore
33= University of BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada
33= University of QUEENSLAND Australia
36 PEKING University China
37 University of BRISTOL United Kingdom
38= University of MICHIGAN United States
38= The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
40 TSINGHUA University China
41 University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles (U… United States
42 ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of T… Switzerland
43 MONASH University Australia
44 University of NEW SOUTH WALES Australia
45 University of TORONTO Canada
46 OSAKA University Japan
47 BOSTON University United States
48 University of AMSTERDAM Netherlands
49 NEW YORK University (NYU) United States
50 The University of AUCKLAND New Zealand
51= SEOUL National University Korea, South
51= University of TEXAS at Austin United States
53= TRINITY College Dublin Ireland
53= HONG KONG University of Science & Techno… Hong Kong
55= University of WASHINGTON United States
55= University of WISCONSIN-Madison United States
57 University of WARWICK United Kingdom
58 University of CALIFORNIA, San Diego United States
59 LONDON School of Economics and Political… United Kingdom
60 HEIDELBERG University Germany
61 Katholieke Universiteit LEUVEN Belgium
62 University of ADELAIDE Australia
63 DELFT University of Technology Netherlands
64 University of WESTERN AUSTRALIA Australia
65= University of BIRMINGHAM United Kingdom
65= Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (… Germany
67 Technische Universität MÜNCHEN Germany
68 University of SHEFFIELD United Kingdom
69 NANYANG Technological University Singapore
70 University of NOTTINGHAM United Kingdom
71= UPPSALA University Sweden
71= DARTMOUTH College United States
73 University of ILLINOIS United States
74= EMORY University United States
74= University of YORK United Kingdom
76 University of ST ANDREWS United Kingdom
77= University of PITTSBURGH United States
77= PURDUE University United States
79 University of MARYLAND United States
80= University of SOUTHAMPTON United Kingdom
80= University of LEEDS United Kingdom
82 VANDERBILT University United States
83 University of GLASGOW United Kingdom
84 LEIDEN University Netherlands
85= CASE WESTERN RESERVE University United States
85= University of VIENNA Austria
85= FUDAN University China
88 QUEEN’S University Canada
89 UTRECHT University Netherlands
90= TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan
90= PENNSYLVANIA STATE University United States
92 RICE University United States
93= University of MONTREAL Canada
93= University of COPENHAGEN Denmark
95 University of ROCHESTER United States
96 University of CALIFORNIA, Davis United States
97= GEORGIA Institute of Technology United States
97= University of ALBERTA Canada
99 CARDIFF University United Kingdom
100 University of HELSINKI Finland

Source: THES – QS World University Rankings
© Quacquarelli Symonds 2004 – 2007

Used with permission from www.topuniversities.com