Strategic Car Ditching to Avoid Bangkok Traffic

As a Bangkok commuter living in the suburban areas of the city, I find travelling by private car a necessity. Most days travelling to and from work is the main priority, but things get more complicated on the occasions I need to go into the Sukhumvit or Sathorn area of Bangkok.
Whenever possible, I’d suggest using the BTS skytrain or MRT subway lines if it is convient. There are designated parking lots situated at the certain stations like Mochit, Thailand Cultural Center, and Queen Sirikit Center for BTS and MRT passengers. When using these parking lots, remember to stamp your parking cars at your destination station to get the lower parking rate. One word of caution, check the times of operation for these parking lots since most close at 1:00 am. If you have not collected your car, you will have to pay a rediculous overnight fee.

Folding Bike and taking the MRT

This is  a video from a guy who regularly takes the MRT in Singapore with a foldable bike. He has given guidelines to help people who are interesting in commuting with a folding bike on the MRT or similar mass transport system.

Based on your experience level, you can either fold your bike completely and put it in a bag, carry the bike fully collapsed but not in a bag or, as the video shows, you are roll your bike along in a semi-collapse form like a trolley. Here’s a complete blog on how to convert your bike into the 3 modes (bike, trolly, carry).

For a complete breakdown of the 3 different methods of traveling with a folding bike on the MRT, check out this blog.

Ratchada-Ladphrao night market

Ratchada Night MarketThis market is an interesting place to stop by on a Saturday night if you like shopping for second hand items. You’ll hardly see a foreigner and the place is crawling with young Thais who have a soft spot for the vintage scene. Among some of the items you’ll find in the night market are shoes, jeans, clothes, antiques, furniture, decor items and knick-knacks. While the majority of the items are used, you can find new items in among the different stalls.

The atmosphere is hip and trendy with a little bit for everyone. It’s not an organized place but that’s part of the fun. You’ll come across random items in each store and there’s plenty to look at.  The highlight of the market are the vintage motorcycles and cars. Lovers of Volkswagen buses and Beetles, Mini Coopers, Vespas and Yamahas are in for a treat.

Tako Before heading home you can grab a snack or a drink, even cocktails and whiskey are available. The main food area is located near Ladprao road but food carts are dispersed throughout the market.

A shortage of proper lighting in the market which makes parking and shopping a chore. Bring a flashlight to inspect items carefully as some stores offer little light. Most of the items will be one of a kind and used so check for damage before making a purchase. If your item happens to be flawed in some way, use it as an extra bargaining chip.

When: Saturday night from 19:00-23:30 Get there early to park or you’ll be waiting for a spot.

Where: At the Ratchada-Ladprao junction on the grounds of the former Ratchada Night Plaza. Located in the parking lot of the MRT Ratchadapisek parking lot.

How to get there/Where to park: The easiest way to get there is to take the MRT to Ratchadapisek station. by car, if you are on Ratchadapisek Road going towards Viphavadi, turn left into the MRT parking lot. It is poorly lighted so keep an eye out as you approach the junction.