iCare Club 2010, Creative Social Business Contest

There will be nine teams of university students presenting their ideas on three different topics. This event gives teams 15 minutes to present their ideas and judges will ask questions for 10 minutes. The event is run in Thai language and is geared towards the Thai context in terms of it’s problems, participants, judges and audience.

iCare Club
Location: Hotel S31
Time: 8:00-17:00
Partner: change fusion, Ashoka, Magnolia, TCDC, BE magazine, I care

After you @ J-avenue, Thonglor

Enjoying some Nutella Shibuya toast at a trendy local hangout, After You. This shop offers a great selection of sweets, hot and cold beverages and even a few breakfast items.
Many of the desserts are warm concoctions topped with ice cream. The result is a delicious teat that must be eaten quickly and is better when enjoyed with a few friends.
At this shop you must order at the counter and pay first. If you have a sweet tooth, you can even pour additional syrup on your dessert. Also, try the lightly flavored iced tea that is available and complimentary.

Strategic Car Ditching to Avoid Bangkok Traffic

As a Bangkok commuter living in the suburban areas of the city, I find travelling by private car a necessity. Most days travelling to and from work is the main priority, but things get more complicated on the occasions I need to go into the Sukhumvit or Sathorn area of Bangkok.
Whenever possible, I’d suggest using the BTS skytrain or MRT subway lines if it is convient. There are designated parking lots situated at the certain stations like Mochit, Thailand Cultural Center, and Queen Sirikit Center for BTS and MRT passengers. When using these parking lots, remember to stamp your parking cars at your destination station to get the lower parking rate. One word of caution, check the times of operation for these parking lots since most close at 1:00 am. If you have not collected your car, you will have to pay a rediculous overnight fee.

Dubliners – Irish Pub with live music Tues. and Fri.

Having been out of the country for a month, I started to miss Bangkok’s hectic lifestyle. In particular, I missed the numerous markets and the wild nightlife. I’ve come to realize that a bit of chaos in necessary in life and small town living would be quite an adjustment to someone who’s always lived in the suburbs of a large city.

The one place that I missed the most was Dubliners. It’s the Irish pub located on Sukhumvit Road, across from the Londoners and close to Villa Market. I had somehow managed to go to Dubliners 3 times the week before I left Thailand. I favor going to Dubliners on Tuesdays and Fridays because that is when Lee Shamrock is there to entertain us with his musical talents and witty humor. Tuesdays have the added benefit of having a deal on beer. All tap drinks are buy the first glass for regular price and then get refills for only 1oo baht. The down side to Tuesdays is that it’s a weekday and the music stops at 9pm. Too early if you ask me.

Of course, there are Fridays. The music starts after 9pm on Fridays and this is the night where things usually get interesting. There are a fair number of regulars at Dubliners, so don’t be surprised if you see familiar faces on your second or third visit. A few times there have been regulars that join Lee and sing a few songs with him, breaking up the one-man-show that is Lee Shamrock.

Not convinced that Dubliners is right for you. If you are looking for a place to enjoy some pub grub and aren’t up for dancing, Dubliners will suit you just fine. The music is a mix of rock and has a bit more of a folky them, so if you are into hip hop and rap, you’ll find the music lacking. The location is small but there are three floors of seating. The main activity and the bar is on the first floor and the second floor provides additional seating and a view of the performance below. The third floor houses a pool table, a few games and the kitchen. I primarily visit the third floor to go to the restroom before returning to the lively entertainment in the pub.

All in all you’ll probably find something to enjoy at the Dubliners and definitely try some of the food.