Thai Advertising Using Female “Kaa sayers”

In Thailand you’ll often see scantily clad Thai women advertising products. Normally, you’ll see these females walking around a crowded area or located by a booth of some sort. They are also known as the “kaa sayers” because they are also calling out to you “Try this, kaa” “A good new tea, kaa” “Not expensive, kaa.” You get the idea. The male version of this is the “krup sayers,” but they don’t stand out as much as their female counterparts.

Their job is to attract you to the product that they are advertising and catch your attention long enough for you to take notice. These women don’t have a hard time catching male attention as they are usually pretty girls with tons of makeup on wearing short skirts or shorts with strappy tops. Go to Chactuchak or MBK any weekend and you’ll bound to run into a few group of people dress in interesting costume. If you are lucky, they might perform a cheer or give you a free sample.  

Of course, using females as advertising agents isn’t an unusual phenomenon. We see women being used in sexy poses and swimsuits to advertise a variety of things like concrete items such as cars and cigarettes to more abstract ideas like love and lust. It seems a little out of place in Thailand though since it is a Buddhist country and as such normal is conservative towards the way women should dress and behave in public. But then again, Thailand does having a thriving sex trade and is well-known for its bar girls and go-go bars.

Watch the video to see how to see women dancing very provocatively at the Motor Show in April 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand. This is atypical in most public areas unless you are searching out this kind of performance (in areas like Patpong and Pattaya this would be commonplace) so seeing it at a Motor Show such as this is unexpected.

Sexy Dance Motor Show 2007 Bangkok Thailand 3
Sexy Dance Motor Show 2007 Bangkok Thailand 3

An 8 min video of several women performing different routines edited together.