School Vegetable Garden in Northern Thailand

This video provides introduction to maintaining a useful vegetable garden. The school garden is cared for by the teachers and students at a border police-run school in Ban Pha Kha, Fang, Chiang Mai Province. The teacher discusses methods for caring for the various plants in the garden ranging from climbing plants which are trained on a bamboo trellis to salad greens and local fruits. She also talks about the fence that was built around the garden to prevent pigs from neighboring farms from coming into the garden and eating the vegetables. Shan and Thai language spoken in this video. (No English!)

One thought on “School Vegetable Garden in Northern Thailand

  1. Hello-
    I’m interested in seeing about getting in contact with this school.
    My name is Maya Lemon. I am a senior sociology major at Hendrix College in Conway Arkansas. I am in the process of applying for a Watson Fellowship to study the use of school gardens globally as a means of holistically teaching children and their communities about food security, nutrition, academics, and community etc. The Watson Fellowship is a year a fellowship that offers one year of Independent Study and travel for graduating seniors at participating institutions. Should I be chosen for a Watson I will spend a year visiting different school garden projects around the world. I am interested in examining the ways that school gardens can be used as a teaching tool to teach children about subjects that vary from peace studies to math to nutrition. By visiting different school garden project I hope to gain a more complete picture of the ways that gardens can be used as a tool for experiential learning.

    I would love to find a school garden to visit and Thailand and if there is any way you could put me in contact with this garden that would be great!

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Maya Lemon

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