Vespas are Useful Delivery Vehicles

Old Vespas are commonly used in the Yaowarat (China Town) and Pahurat (Little India) areas of Bangkok. They are useful as delivery vehicles because they can carry large, bulky and heavy loads while zig-zagging through traffic. Unlike modern motorbikes that are more commonly used for transportation these days, Vespas have a low center of gravity which makes them ideal for hauling these heavy loads without losing balance. The space in front of the ride provides additional space for placing items between the rider’s legs. If you are in Yaowarat or Pahurat, keep your eyes out for Vespas as they are zooming around. You’ll be surprised the size of the loads that they carry around!

2 thoughts on “Vespas are Useful Delivery Vehicles

    1. Thanks for the correction. I thought that the expressway exit that said “Yommarat” referred to Chinatown. I always call Chinatown “Yaowarat” when speaking but somehow misunderstood the expressways signs since place names in Bangkok often have several spellings in English, such as Chatuchak, Jatujuk, Jatuchak, etc. But I guess it actually refers to the Yommarat Intersection. I’m curious as to why that word would be used to name a street or intersection if it’s meaning is Lucifer as you say.

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