Portraits of Street Dogs – Soi Cat and Dog Foundation

This holiday season, I’ll be buying some of the adorable Limited Edition Prints and 2011 Calendars for sale from S CAD (Soi Cat and Dog Foundation). The images of different real-life dogs at SCAD Center are humorous and cheerful. For any animal lover, these will surely be a delight. Order some prints, calendars, or cards today and the all the money will go towards the animals at SCAD.

SCAD helps the many homeless cats and dogs on Bangkok’s streets. These animals are called soi dogs and soi cats because “soi” is the Thai word for “street.” Since Thailand is a Buddhist country, the people do not believe in killing animals, but many times the soi dogs and cats can suffer from disease and injuries that can be worse than death. SCAD rescues some of these animals and tries to rehome as many as possible. In addition, they work to provide education about proper pet care and also run sterilization projects. Support the good work done by SCAD by purchasing some of the lovely artwork done by Tul or by giving a donation today!!

Source: http://www.scadbangkok.org/events/portraits-of-street-dogs.php

About Tul:
Illustrious illustrator and writer of Childrens books in both Thai and in English, Tul, has carried off awards presented for Best Children’s Picture Book at the last two annual Book Fairs. Educated in Thailand, Singapore and the USA, Tul is now a prolific and respected creator of educational children’s books based on animal characters. Tul credits his own SCAD Soi dog, Sesame (December) as the inspiration for his latest book “Ses and Me” which is hot off the press this month!

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