Bunong mother tongue-based Education in Cambodia

As a part of the DVD series, Promoting Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education, the section is about the Bunong speakers in Cambodia. I am research about mother tongue-based and multilingual education as preparation for my participation in UNESCO’s Language, Education and the Millenium Development Goals Conference which will be held in Bangkok on November 9-11, 2010. This segment features the Bunong ethnic minority which lives in the rural forests of Cambodia and the struggles of Bunong children to learn Khmer language, the Cambodia national language, in school. As a way to help support the education of this ethnic minority, they have developed a written language and learning materials for the Bunong and later transition the children to learn Khmer. By having the children learn first in their mother-tongue, the acquisition of the national language is facilitated and the children have less difficulty in achieving in school.

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