Buddhism terms in English and Thai

There is a good section in this website on Thai and Lao Language that discusses different terms and vocabulary about Thai Buddhism. It also includes sentences in Thai and translation into English. It serves as a good primer into Thai Buddhism, Thai terms used in Buddhism and as well as practice in reading the Thai Language. It definitely help clarified a few terms for me related to Thai words used in Buddhism as many English text on Buddhism use the Pali words.

Types of Buddhism/Scripture
The Buddha/The Three Gems
Monks & Lay People/Being Ordained
Temple Activities/Language a Monk Uses
Dharma/Impermanance/Four Noble Truths
Path to Enlightenment/Precepts
Merit/Rebirth/The Four Principles


3 thoughts on “Buddhism terms in English and Thai

  1. Hi, just found your blog since I’m trying to make up my mind of whether I should go to Thailand or Turkey in a few months. And I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m sure I’ll have millions of questions about pretty much everything, so I hope you won’t mind (too much) if and when I do ask.

    And I love the way you brought in reincarnation.

    1. Thailand is a great place to visit – or even live – and I’ve alreaby been here 5 years. One of the nice this is Thailand’s central location in Asia, so it’s fairly easy to travel around the entire region. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  2. True, I got the traveling bit from friends who go there regularly or went there. I’m so leaning towards Thailand right now. And I have loads of questions. Thank you so much for letting me ask. I’ll condense the questions later but for now, do you have any good sources on how soul families are seen in Thailand in terms of coming back with them?

    Thanks a bunch.

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