The Cambodia Project – GSVC 2009~Q`

This video highlights The Cambodia Project which presented its Social Impact Assessment (SIA) at the GSVC Global Finals at UC Berkley in 2009. The Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) strives to elevate the visibility of new ventures through their annual business plan competition. GSVC organizes and hosts a social venture business plan competition that provides a global forum for entrepreneurs to showcase their plans and for investors to support groundbreaking social ventures. The Cambodia Project was chosen as a finalist by the Columbia Business School to travel to California to meet with social venture capitalists in the San Francisco Bay area to raise interest and capital, in leading to the organization’s 2009 summer mission in Phnom Penh.

About The Cambodia Project:

The Cambodia Project is a US based nonprofit organization whose mission is to build sustainable communities through secondary education, in developing countries, beginning in rural Cambodia.

The Cambodia Project believes, if poor, rural children worldwide have access to comprehensive secondary education that is both economically and environmentally sustainable; if their families have access to high quality health services, then economic and community growth will be stimulated, helping to alleviate the cycle of poverty in developing communities.

The Cambodia Project’s holistic education initiative is to construct environmentally friendly, economically sustainable, community managed secondary schools (grades 7-12) in rural Cambodia that employ highly trained teachers, and offer students excellent academic courses and life skills. The Cambodia Project’s mission is supported by three pillars: health services for students and staff, environmental sustainability in the schools’ construction and maintenance, and economic growth from local agriculture revenue generation streams.

For more information on The Cambodia Project please visit:

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