Colorful Bangkok Taxis

In New York the typical taxi color is black and yellow, but in Bangkok you’ll get a full range of colors from bright pink and orange to combinations of orange and green or blue and red. Taxis run 24/7 in Bangkok, although it can be hard to find an available taxi during morning and evening hours. It is especially difficult to grab a taxi when it is raining. The bright colors of Bangkok taxis make them easy to identify in the jumbled mess of Bangkok traffic.

rightMake sure you use metered taxis whenever possible as the taxi fare is calculated using a system of distance and/or time that is standard. However, if you do get in a taxi and the taxi driver doesn’t want to turn on the meter you can either get out and try to get another taxi or negotiate a flat fare beforehand. Metered taxis generally have the picture and license information of the driver posted in the taxi car. The license of the taxi is also posted in the taxi car in case you have difficulties with a certain taxi driver and need to make a complaint.

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