Horrific Traffic on a Rainy, Friday Night

I experienced one of the most trying traffic situations this evening as I spent almost three hours sitting in my car. I was trying to go from my work in the Meng-jai area of Bangkok to Thammasat University for my Friday evening lecture. Normally, this journey across town takes around an hour or so. I usually leave a good hour and a half to get to Thammasat and a little more time to find parking in order to be in class by 6:30 pm.

Of course, I was running a little late today and the rain complicated matters. I tried to bypass traffic by taking the Ramintra Motorway to the Rama 9 Motorway and then getting off on the Yommarat exit. This tactic normally works very well and gets me through rush hour traffic with relatively few problems. But, I soon as I was within a few kilometers of the Yommarat exit, I knew something was wrong because cars were already stopped and waiting to get off.

I spent over an hour simply inching along the motorway, trying to get off at the Yommarat exit. I soon as I could see the intersection at the end of the motorway off-ramp I saw the reason for the hold up. The lefthand lanes which were head to Lan Luang were at a stand still and the majority of the cars were trying to go in that direction. I made the decision to go down Pitsanulok Road, even though I knew it was block off by the protesters a few intersections down.

Once I got past that crazy intersection and found an alternate route on Si Ayutthya Road, I arrive at Thammasat twenty minutes later without any further difficulties. I must say though that spending so much time stuck in a car can make one a little stir crazy. Traffic is one of the most frustrating things about living in Bangkok and trying to get around the city, especially in the rain.

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