Mad About Juice

One of my favorite places to grab an all-natural 100% glass of juice in Bangkok is Mad About Juice. It resembles the familiar chains of Juice It Up or Jamba Juice in the United States, but promotes even healthier serving sizes and many more variations of pure juice. Mad About Juice is often found in Bangkok shopping centers such as Emporium, CentralWorld and Paragon.

While most American juice stores focus on smoothies, Mad About Juice offers different categories for you to choose from like drinks with yogurt, mik, without milk or simply juice. This is really helpful for those with milk allergies or are looking to reduce calories.

My favorite are the 100% pure juices and I especially like the Slow Age drink. I love the different fruits and vegetables that they blend together to make the drinks. I’m always pleasantly surprised at the great taste whenever I try a new drink. As I said earlier, the servings are smaller than the American counterpart, but juices and smoothies made from fruit contain enough natural sugars that one should be careful of consuming too many liquid calories.

For those more adventurous than me, try the wheatgrass shot. I think it smells horribly like grass and haven’t yet forced myself to try one. It is claimed to have the benefits equivalent to eating one kilogram of vegetables. I’d have the orange or pineapple juice chaser to follow the wheatgrass shot, just to get the grass taste out of my mouth.

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