Ice Monster at Major Pahonyothin

After watching a movie at Major Cineplex at Pahonyothin, I ventured to the ground floor where I found an Ice Monster store. Located adjacent to the Starbucks and across from the McDonald’s, the Ice Monster appeared to offer a healthier alternative to sweets like ice cream or bakery goods. Ice Monster is a franchise from Taiwan that has a menu of appetizing fruit or chocolate with snow ice.

Bangkokians are always looking for a sweet treat when out and about in the city and Ice Monster provides the sweet taste of milk and fruit in an ice indulgence. Although the desserts at Ice Monster are not completely guilt-free, they do seem a bit healthier if you stick with the teaser size. The large size seems rather large for an individual to eat, but it is suitable for sharing. Other less healthy version of ice available are the ones which involve lots of chocolate or toppings.

The fruits in the ice monster products were fresh and seemed to be of high quality. You can even get two fruits or a mixed fruit topping if you can’t choose which fruit to put on top of your snow ice. The taste was great, but I’m sure the sweet milk in the snow ice and sugary condensed milk in the topping helped make it even better. Like I said, Ice Monster desserts are not complete guilt-free!

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