Hoax regarding changing Thailand’s Time

A relative of mine informed me on Tuesday that Thailand would change their clocks back 30 minutes for “daylight savings.” My first reaction was “Huh?” Thailand has never used daylight savings time in its history and as a country located in the tropical area near the equator, doesn’t need to turn the clock back in order to increase productivity of its citizens during the winter months.

My second thought was, how can Thailand change its time zone all of a sudden? Why wasn’t there more public awareness of this situation? How are banks and other countries which do business with Thailand all around the world going to be informed of this unusual predicament? Then I started to doubt the validity of what my relative told me. It seemed that if this situation was real, many more people would be talking about and it would be all over the news.

It appears the the email which my relative received, was a hoax. The email stated that teh Ministry of Science and Technology would change Thailand’s time zone on August 23. At 8:30 am on August 23, clocks will go back to 8 am. This email spread through Thai businesses and government offices via email and some translations were discussed in English blogs as well.

The Nation released information stating that an email was sent from the National Institute of Meteorology (Thailand) stated that any organization which used computers as part of its public service was required to set its time based on the cock of the institute. This policy is set to take place on August 23rd. The action is aimed at synchronizing the country’s clock, not changing the time for daylight savings.


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