Thai Women Don’t Sweat in the Gym

I’ve been working out at my local gym in a suburb of Bangkok and I’ve noticed that many of the Thai women in their 30s and 40s don’t really exert themselves. I’m not sure what the reason is but when I’m walking on the treadmill I always feel like these women are barely walking. Is it because they are sticking to the trainers minimum requirement of walking at 3.0 mph and dare to go no higher?

Yesterday, I was pedalling along on the recumbent bike machine when a woman sat down at the bike next to me. She started pedalling and I really felt like she was barely going. I glanced at her screen and saw that she was on the lowest level and lowest resistance. She biked for about 5 minutes and then proceeded to stop for another 5 minutes. I was confused as to what kind of workout she was doing but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt because maybe she’s a beginner or has a injury she’s recovering from.

But perhaps this all has to do with the resistance of Thai people to sweating. Funny if it extends to the gym, since it is the one place where sweating is a requirement. Perhaps Thai women in particular don’t feel comfortable doing an unfeminine thing like sweating in public. For the sake of their gym memberships I hope these women learn to increase the intensity at some point so that they get more out of their workout.

2 thoughts on “Thai Women Don’t Sweat in the Gym

  1. those in my gym wants to sweat but without putting in the effort. they resort to turning off the air-cons ! i wonder why they join the gym, they could do the same by just sitting under the sun.

  2. I think they essentially don’t understand what the workout should be to effect their fitness/muscle improvement. Or they are so lazy and they don’t have anything to do either!

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