Shopping Freeze Broken

I’ve been in a strange mood for the past month that preventing me from buying things. It’s not that I didn’t go shopping or that I was conciously trying not to buy things, but rather that I didn’t find anythhing that I wanted enough to buy. In one way, it’s a good thing to break free from the consumerism that normally drives us to buy, buy, buy. Call it a detox of the consumer feeding frenzy.

However, after a month of the shopping freeze, I started to feel antsy and a little bit neglected since I had not purchased anything besides the basic necessities. I had even forgone the things women normally treat themselves to like hair treatments and pedicures during this period.

So last weekend, I begun the process of ending the shopping detox by spending an entire afternoon in Central Ladprao shopping center in Bangkok. Part of the time was spent shopping for gifts, enjoying a nice meal and watching a 3D movie. I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything for myself since I was not ready to end my shopping freeze.

The next weekend, I repeated the process and spent the first part of the afternoon at Esplanade in Ratchada watching a movie and browsing in the bookstore. I contemplated pampering myself with a manicure and pedicure or even a hair coloring, but I was too impatient to spend hours with someone hovering around me. I was quickly bored with Esplanade so I decided to rush over to Chatuchak Weekend Market before it closed.

It seems that I wasn’t the only person trying to get to Chatuchak Market as the traffic in the area was horrific and there were hordes of people in the market. I was off to a slow start at the market and was only buying beverages even though I walked the entire market once over. Nothing called out to be bought. Nothing that I saw interested me enough to warrant a purchase. No desire to buy anything that crossed my eyes. I was beginning to feel hopeless.

I almost left after an hour but I couldn’t admit defeat. I had to end the shopping freeze before I left the market. So I walked around the market again and managed to buy two books, two earrings and two jasmine garlands. I bought a banana smoothie on the way to the parking lot to celebrate the conclusion of my shopping detox. I had bought what I desired and no more.

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