Lustral Water

Lustral water is water that has received a blessing from monks in a sacred ceremony called nam mon. During the Buddhist ceremony, monks are seated on a raised platform with a set of altar tables at the right ending facing the ceremonial attendants. The head monk sits next to the altar where a lustral water container or an alms bowl is placed. Rain water or underground water is placed in the vessel along with a few gold leaves, Bermuda grass or lotus. A beeswax candle is placed on the rim of the vessel and as drops of wax from the candle false into the water, sorrow and evil are believed to be washed away.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the lustral water is sprinkled on the ceremonial attendants and premises with a bunch of dried Bermuda grass. It is believed that lustral water which is sprinkled on a person’s head will bring the person luck, safety and success. The premises can also be sprinkled with lustral water to bring protection from harm and ward off evil. In some extreme cases, people will go through a ceremony and bathe in lustral water to rid themselves of misfortune and bad luck.

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