Garlic in Thai Food

Garlic is a very important ingredient used in Thai Food. It is commonly put in oil prior to frying vegetables and meat in stir-fried dishes. It is also put in soups, chili paste and spicy salads. Garlic is also used as a condiment or seasoning, such as in the case of pickled garlic, fried garlic in oil and fried chopped garlic. Garlic is also frequently used as the main seasoning in meat and fish dishes such as fried fish with garlic and garlic and black pepper chicken. The garlic flavor provides enough taste to the food and creates a simple dish.
I personally don’t like eating food with too much garlic in it, but I’ve discovered that it is a necessary part of Thai cooking. Food that is made with no garlic lacks the characteristic taste found in Thai food. For garlic lovers, Thai food will definitely suit your taste buds. I only warn you against the effects on your breath after the meal.


– Reduces blood pressure

– Prevents heart disease

– Fights bacterial, fungal, yeast, virus infections

Garlic Use in Thai Food

– Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai

– Beef Masaman

– Kai Phad Phed

– Som Tum

– Phad Thai

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