Thai National Anthem

In Thailand, the national anthem or phleng chat  is played twice a day at 8 o’clock in the morning and again at 6 o’clock in the evening. Phleng chat literally means “national song” and Phleng chat thai refer to the Thai national anthem. It is played on all radio and tv stations, as well as schools, bus stations and other public areas. The present version of the national anthem was first adopted in 1939 (B.E. 2482).  The melody was comics were composed by Phra Jenduriyang and the lyrics were written by Colonel Luang Saranuprabhandi.

People who hear the anthem will automatically stop what they are doing to stand and salute the flag. Even commuters rushing around on the skytrain will pause to show respect while the national anthem is played.  As a teacher at a Thai school, I hear the national anthem every morning even though the meaning of all the words eludes me so I decided to learn more about the lyrics.

National Anthem – Thai lyrics with transcription


bra thet thai ruam lueard nuea chart chuea thai

เป็นประชารัฐ ไผทของไทยทุกส่วน

ben bra cha rat  pha-thai khong thai took suan


yoo dam rong kong wai dai tang muan

ด้วยไทยล้วนหมาย รักสามัคคี

duay thai luan mai   rak sa mak kee

ไทยนี้รักสงบ แต่ถึงรบไม่ขลาด

thai nee rak sa-ngob    dtae thueng rob mai khlard


aek-ga rart ja mai hai krai khom khee


sa-la luead took yard ben chart plee

เถลิงประเทศชาติไทยทวี มีชัย ชโย

tha-loeng bra thet chart thai ta-wee mee chai   cha-yo

National Anthem – translated into English

Thailand unites all the Thai races

All parts of the land belong to the Thais

The country can uphold all the Thais

Becasue we live in harmony

Thais are peaceful but when it comes to fighting

we are not timid

We will not tlet our independence be suppressed

We will sacrifice every drop of our blood

For Thiland’s victory and prosperity

Source: (Thai transcription of national anthem) and Thai Ties by Pornipol Senawong (translated English version of national anthem)

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