Boundaries of Thailand


Thailand is country in Southeast Asia which shared boundaries with Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia Myanmar. Thailand is also within 100 km of China and Vietnam, although they do not share any borders. Some of Thailand’s boundaries follow natural barriers, such as the Mekong River, Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea. In most cases, the borders have been set and agreed upon since the late 19thcentury based on treaties withthe colonial powers occupying neighboring countries. However, some boundaries are still under dispute, especially along Thailand’s eastern borders with Laos and Cambodia.

Land Boundaries

Total: 4,863 km

Border countries: Myanmar 1,800 km, Laos 1,754 km, Cambodia 803 km, Malaysia 506 km


Total: 3,219 km


Cambodia – Dispute over Prasat Preah Vihear. The case was submitted to the International Court of Justice, which ruled in favor of Cambodia in 1962.

Laos – Some islets of the Mekong create unclear borders. The borders marked by the Mekong change with the river. At high water levels, the center of the current is the border, while during periods of low water levels, all islands, mudbanks, sandbanks and rocks that are revealed belong to Laos.

Malaysia – Most boundary disputes are handled cooperatively, however, 1 km at the mounth of the Golok River is in question.

Myanmar – Many conflicts along the Thai-Myanmar border arise due to conflicts over ethnic rebels, refugees and illegal drug trade.

2 thoughts on “Boundaries of Thailand

  1. I have seen some of the refugee camps along the Thai-Burmese border while drive back to Bankok from Mae Hong Son a year ago. I was shocked at the sheer size of the camps and the packed conditions of the shacks there.

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