Thai Superstitions About Color

Thais are a very superstitious people and there are many superstitious beliefs and customs that have long been observed in Thailand. Some superstitions are about good luckand some are about bad luck. For example, there are superstitions about the meaning of colors and some take it very seriously.

Black, which is a mourning color, is worn at funerals and is a color associated with death and grieving. Therefore, it is forbidden to wear black at auspicious ceremonies like weddings. Traditionally, it is taboo to wear black except during the funeral rites and periods of mourning for the family. Nowadays black has become a very fashionable color to wear among younger Thais and the taboo is no longer adhered to in most cases.

There is also a color assigned to each day of the week: yellow for Monday, pink for Tuesday, green for Wednesday, orange for Thursday, blue for Friday, purple for Saturday and red for Sunday. Those living in Thailand may be familiar with the practice of wearing yellow on Monday to celebrate the King’s birthday and blue on Friday to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. These colors were chosen to according to the day on which the respective monarch was born and is used to symbolize them.

Thais believe that wearing the right color on the right day would bring luck. Most people don’t really seem to follow this practice anymore, but some may have a small piece of clothing, like a tie or handkerchief, which is the correct color. It is more common that people consider the color of the day of their birth. Many times people consider this color to be their lucky color. Thais seem to know which day of the week they were born on although this is not something I ever learned and will have to ask my parents about.

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