McDonald’s Pies in Thailand

I don’t normally walk into McDonald’s in Thailand, but I was killing time before a movie and a friend wanted to have some french fries. I decided to try one of the dessert pies that were on the menu for 22 baht. They don’t have the boring apple or cherry pies that you find in the US. Instead, they have Pineapple pie, Corn pie and Taro Pie. The flavors may sound strange, but pineapple, corn and taro are all common ingredients in tradition Thai desserts. It’s only natural that McDonald’s would modify the American idea of dessert to better suit the Thailand’s idea of dessert I’d suggest trying one of the three flavors out if you have the chance.

Here’s what they taste like:

Pineapple – the filling tastes like canned pineapple and is mostly sweet, but it’s also a little sour

Corn – the filling tastes like creamed corn and also is a bit sweet

Taro – the filling tastes like Taro ice cream, but it’s warm and sweet


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