Eco-activities in Thailand

To be in touch with nature and to help conserve it for future generations, eco-resorts and eco-tours are being designed for responsible nature lovers. The goal of ecotourism to increase the appreciation of Thailand natural beauty and to help keep it intact for others to enjoy in the future. Here are some suggested activities that eco-minded tourists might consider when coming to Thailand on holiday.

Elephant Safaris

Experience riding through the forests on the back of a king of the jungle, and learn to appreciate their mighty strength and agility. Most elephant camps that offer treks are based in Chiang Mai, but elephant rides which last a few minutes are also offered at tourist destinations in most resort towns. Elephant safaris can range from a few hours to a few days through the jungle so you can select a safari to suit your time frame or level of adventure.
These elephants are forbidden to work in the logging industry and elephant safari keep them and their owners gainfully employed. Another benefit is that the elephants are kept out of the cities where conditions are tougher for them

Sea Cruises & Beaches

Take a cruise and view the impressive scenery the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea has to offer. Travel in style and leisure in a luxury liner or travel intimately in a converted rice barge up the Chao Phraya river. Wherever you choose to go, visiting Thailand’s coast and gorgeous beaches are not to be missed, especially the islands. Accommodation and travel conditions range from luxurious to rugged so choose your resorts and travel methods to suit your style, desired comfort level and budget.


Thailand offers ideal terrain for hiking, from the limestone forests of Krabi to the undulating mountains in the North, where many hill tribe people live. Head over to any national parks for nature-based trekking, teeming with wildlife, waterfalls, and other natural attractions. Some treks incorporate elephant safaris and other modes of transportation, such as rafts and pickup trucks. Treks vary in length and difficulty so check with tour operators when booking to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and select a trek based on your interests.

Walking Tour

Sometimes getting intentionally lost in a city or town is the best way to find out how the locals live instead of sticking only to the high traffic, tourist areas. You’ll learn a lot about Thai culture by observing the lifestyle, trying Thai food and interacting with Thai people. You can use a guide book and do your own walking tour or join an organized walking tour.  Most walking tours involve temples and in Bangkok, sometimes walking is much faster than driving! Do keep a map handy though as you’ll want to be able to get unlost eventually.

Wildlife Viewing

Some of the rarest tropical animals and birds can only be found in the nation’s national parks. The most common trips are bird watching, but even a simple walk in any mountainous area will guarantee a sighting of gibbons and monkeys. National parks are located all over Thailand so you can select a park which is known for particular animals or birds or geographic features. While viewing wildlife might be your primary goal, there will be plenty of opportunity to see the amazing plant life as well. Reccommended parks are Khao Yai, Doi Inthanon, and Sam Roi Yod, although there are many others.

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