Positive Aspects of Ostrich Farming

Each step of the supply chain will profit from dealing in the ostrich farming industry. Some of the ostrich farms also permit visitors and have small shops to sell ostrich products direct.

Supply Chain

  • The farmer and breeder of the birds.
  • The livestock broker.
  • The slaughtering facility and processors.
  • The leather broker, tanners and manufacturers.
  • The meat broker, distributor and wholesaler.
  • The feather brokers and dealers.
  • Positive Aspects

    • Existing farmers and ranchers have plenty of available land.  
    • Ostriches breed far earlier and with much more regularity than traditional animals such as cattle. Typically, a female can start producing eggs at about 2 years old and they can produce anywhere from 30 to 90 eggs per year.
    • The potential meat market is enormous and growing.
    • For the health conscious consumer, there is a growing demand for ostrich meat, which is similar to beef in its looks and tastes but with very low fat and cholesterol.
    • There is very little waste at processing time:-
      • The meat is sold to distributors and restaurants.
      • The hide is sold for very high quality leather products which are in great demand.
      • The feet are ground and sold to the far east as an aphrodisiac.
      • The feathers are used in many industries including the automotive and computer industry.
      • The eyes are being used for research and study for human cataracts.
      • The offal is being used to provide nutritional benefits to other animals.
      • Ostrich Oil – a known therapeutic healer, is now being made into Exotic Skin Care Cosmetics

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