Ostrich Farming in Thailand

Ostrich farming is popular in certain areas of Thailand that are hot and dry like the birds’ native Africa. Farmers in Thailand are looking to capitalize on the demand for high quality ostrich meat as well as the market for ostrich skin. Currently, ostrich leather and meat demand high prices and are highly sought after. Below are the products which ostrich farmers can market.

Ostrich Products

  • Ostrich meat
  • Ostrich leather
  • Ostrich feathers
  • Ostrich oil
  • Miscellaneous Ostrich by-products
  • Ostrich meat is a popular alternative to beef products. It even has less fat than turkey meat with the flavor and look of beef. Ostrich is actually quite tender. Since ostrich is farmed in smaller operations than beef cattle, there is also the added benefit that the animals are more likely to be healthy and cared for under less crowded conditions. Overall, ostrich meat is a healthy meat which is low in fat.

    Ostrich skins have become popular in high fashion to make wallets and bags. Ostrich is a luxurious leather which is known for its softness, flexibility and durability. Despite its softness, ostrich leather is still surprisingly strong because of its natural oils. Ostrich skin also has a unique pattern from the feather sockets which makes it so desirable.

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