Appreciating Being At Home

There are a lot of things you don’t fully appreciate until they are gone. For example, you don’t think about your health until it’s failing. You might take a friend for granted until they’re not in your life anymore. You might expect certain comforts in life, like dishwashers, but find them missing if you move to another country. Even being able to communicate with a person, something that you could easily do in your home country, becomes a challenge in another country.

Human beings are good at taking things for granted but occasionally one will have an insight or revelation that bring a bit of appreciation for the good things in life. It seems to be a very human tendency to appreciate “good” things a little more after they have experienced “bad” things. Similarly, one might not miss having an object or ability until one goes to use that object or ability and it is found missing or lacking. 

I firmly believe that a bit of struggle and grief will make me appreciate the times when things are good. In fact, even the times that are okay seem great in comparison to times of turmoil or sadness. It’s the contrast between the “salty” and “sweet” parts in life that makes living a more colorful experience. As with food, I wouldn’t want every meal to taste exactly the same, even if it was a declicious dish. I think that variety is the spice of life and it helps to keep things interesting.

Often when I travel, I get a glimpse into other cultures and ways of life that I wouldn’t be abe to see otherwise. The more interactions I have with people from other countries, the more open-minded I have become.  I haved learned to open my eyes to new possibilities and accept ways of doing things that might be different from my own. 

Being away from home, I often find a greater appreciate for the comforts that being home provide that I rarely consider while I’m at home. I miss the friends and family that I’ve left behind.  I miss eating familiar foods. I miss knowing where the stores are and where to find the things that I need. But, the thing I miss most is my bed and the ability to relax in my room.

Sure, I love traveling and I love all the experiences that I have when I’m away from home, but coming home after being away is an experience in itself. Although the feeling might wear off in a few weeks, I am perfectly happy being a homebody at the moment.

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