Weight Loss and More at Sparkpeople.com

I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite websites, Sparkpeople.com. I’ve been using this site for almost three years and have found that it is the most comprehensive website geared towards healthy weight loss with an overall goal of general fitness that I’ve seen.  Best of all, this fabulous website is free!!

You start off my signing up for an account and right away you input all kinds of information about yourself and your fitness and weight loss goals so that Sparkspeople can generate a realistic and individualized plan for you to reach those goals.

Sparkspeople is filled with features and tools that any person interested in weight loss or weight maintenance will find useful such as: fitness tracker, meal planner, calorie counters for food, calorie counters for exercise, videos of strength training moves, articles on health topics, healthy recipes, and a multitude of message boards with active members.

The website is easy to navigate and looks bright and active because it is filled with lots of color. Many members find fellow Sparkpeople members to support and motivate them on the message boards and I think that this is especially useful for women, who enjoy a sense of community.

Another great thing about Sparkpeople is that they are always adding more features and they have a system of point giving which keeps the site dynamic and interesting. At first, I was so addicted to getting a few more points that it really motivated me to participate in the message forum or read more articles, but after awhile I kept on coming back to the Sparkpeople site for its wealth of information.

Tons of money is spent in the weight loss and fitness industries every year, but at Sparkpeople, they really strive to help you reach your goals without making you spend a penny.

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