Top Universities in Thailand

According to a study done by Webometrics and a ranking of South-East Asian universities, these are the top universities in Thailand:

  1. Prince of Songhkla University
  2. Chulalongkorn University
  3. Kasetsart University
  4. Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  5. Mahidol University
  6. Thammasat University
  7. Chiang Mian University
  8. Assumption University of Thailand
  9. Koh Kaen University

It’s only one school short of 10! This is the order in which the schools appear in the rankings.

2 thoughts on “Top Universities in Thailand

  1. phew I was happy to see Mahidol up there in the top 5 ( a little sad as I thought it was in the top 3 ) because I will be attending Mahidol next year:)
    Very excited about it too.

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