Laadna Shop near Saphan Lek

TIn an area of old Bangkok, we sometimes go to a market called Talad Saphan Lek, or Iron Bridge Market, which is within walking distance from China Town (Yommarat) and India Town (Pahurat). The market specializes in video games and technology related items. It is the video game headquarters that Bangkokians frequent to get the latest video game system, modify their systems or purchase pirated games.
At this market, you can also get bootlegged movies, toys, and miscellaneous electronic items. True to the name, the market itself is built on a large metal bridge over Ohng Ang Canal in the Wang Burapha area of Bagkok. The 200 meter long aisles, which run along both banks of the canal, stretch from Charoen Krung or New Road, south to Yaowarat Road. As you walk through the maze-like and cramped quarters of the market, you get the feeling that all the little stores are simply squeezed in all of the available space without any rhyme or reason.
Often when we visit Saphan Lek, we’ll eat lunch at a noodle shop only a block away. This noodle shop serves Laadna, which is a form of noodles with gravy. You can get your laadna with different types of meat such as shrimp, seafood, pork, chicken or beef. You can also choose the type of noodles you want in your laadna such as large-flat noodles, thin vermicelli noodles or the crispy, yellow egg noodles. The dish is served with normal seasoning for noodles like the dried chili, vinegar chili, fish sauce and sugar so you can season to taste.

Laadna shop across from parking garage.

Interior of the ladna shop.

Uncooked crispy, yellow ladna egg noodles.

Ladna with pork and crispy, yellow egg noodles.

Ladna with pork and white vermicelli noodles.

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