Bangkok’s Little India – Pahurat

Bangkok has an Indian Town, not far from its China Town, that is famous for Indian food, clothes, fabric, spices and other items from India. The Pahurat area is bounded by Pahurat Road, Chakraphet Road and Triphet Road, just west of Yaowarat, Bangkok’s China Town. Pahurat Road was built in 1898 and named after Somdet Chaofah Pahurat Maneemai, the son of King Rama V.

The Pahurat district is Bangkok’s Little India and center of the Indian community, who are mostly Sikh. This area is also the largest fabric market in Bangkok, so if you want to buy textiles, especially wholesale, this is the place to go. You can also find Indian jewellery, accessories, footwear, incense and even Indian movies. The market is busy and the aisles are small, so it does get crowded and people can get pushy. It appears that every nook and cranny is being used to do business. If you do get hot and tired of shopping, there are plenty of Indian foods that you can sample from street vendors and local restaurants.

You can get to Pahurt by taking a river express boat Tha Saphaan Phut, which is just to the northwest of Phra Phut Yot Fa (Memorial) Bridge. Once you get off the boat, it’s an easy walk to the market. The Thai Sikh community has a major temple, Siri Guru Singh Sabha close to the Pahurat area that is worth exploring.

Vespa’s used for deliveries in Yaowarat and Pahurat

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