Survival Phrases in Thai

If you have the Top 10 Phrases down, here are some more phrases to help you make your way in Thailand.

I’d like…                                             yahk..

Can I have…?                                    kor…dai mai

Could you give me…?                       hai…pom (dichan) dai mai

Could you show me…?                     chuay bork pom (dichan) noi…

Do you speak English?                     khun poot pha-sah angrit dai mai

I can’t speak Thai.                            pom (dichan) poot tai mai dai

I can speak a little Thai.                  pom (dichan) poot tai dai nit noi

Could you speak slower please?     poot chah-chah noi dai mai

Could you repeat that please?        poot eek tee dai mai

Could you spell it please?                chuay sa-got hai doo noi

Could you write it down please?     kian hai doo noi

Can you translate it please?            chuay bplair an-nee hai noi

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