More Basic Thai Adjectives

The English words are given with the Thai translation and pronunciation.

Good/ bad                                dee/ lay-o

Heavy/ light                             nak/ bao

Here/ there                              tee nee/ tee nan

Hot/ cold                                   rorn/ yen

Near/ far                                  glai/ glai

Next/ last                                 nah/ tee lair-o

Old/ new                                  gaow/ mai

Old/ young                              gair/ dek

Open/ shut                             bpert/ bpit

Right/ wrong                          took/ pit

In addition to these adjectives, you can also express that there is enough of something by saying “por.” For example, “mee por” means you have enough.

If you want to say that there is only a little of something, just say “noi.” For example, “mee noi” means you have only a little.

In order to say that there is too much, you can say “gern bpai.” For example, “hai mak gern bpai” mean you gave to much.

One thought on “More Basic Thai Adjectives

  1. I forgot to mention that you can also describe the opposite of something by simply adding “mai” before it. “Mai” means not, so if you say “mai dee” then you are saying not good, or bad. It’s one way to get your point across while you are expanding your vocabulary.

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