Basic Thai Adjectives

Here are some adjectives in Thai with their English meaning that will help you when describing things. If you want to emphasize that quality or that there was a lot of it, simply add “mak” to the end of the word. Example, “suay mak” means very beautiful. 

You can also make a comparison to another object by adding “mahk gwah,” which mean more than, or “noi gwah,” which means less than. Example, “suay mak gwah” means more beautiful than __________. If you don’t add another object to compare to, it means more beautiful than before.

Beautiful/ ugly                       suay/ nah-gliat

Better/ worse                         dee gwah/ lay-o gwah

Big/ small                                yai/ lek

Cheap/ expensive                  took/ pang

Early/ late                              chao/ sai

Easy/ difficult                        ngai/ yahk

Fast/ slow                              ray-o/ chah

Free/ occupied                      wahng/ mai wahng

Full/ empty                           dtem/ wahng

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