Expressing Basic Needs and Asking Questions in Thai

When you are travelling around Thailand, a few phrases that express your basic needs will go along way to getting the things you want like food and water. In addition, question words are useful when you are purchasing things, getting directions or just having a conversation with someone. Of course, pantomimes and gestures added with your attempts to speak Thai will help others to understand you quicker. 

Basic Needs

  • I’m hungry:hiw
  • I’m thirsty:hiw nahm
  • I’m tired:neu-ay
  • I’m lost:long tahng
  • It’s urgent:man duan mahk
  • It’s important:man sam-kan
  • I understand:kao jai
  • I don’t understand:mai kao jai

Question Words

  • Where?:tee nai
  • How?:yang ngai
  • When?:meua-rai
  • What?:arai
  • Why?:tam-mai
  • Who?:krai
  • Which?:an-nai
  • Where is/are…?:yoo tee nai
  • Is it far?:glai mai
  • How much/many?: tao rai
  • How much is this?:an-nee tao rai
  • What is this called in Thai?:nee pah-sah tai riak wah arai
  • What does that mean?:nan bplae wah arai
  • Do you understand:kao jai mai

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