Polite Phrases in Thai

Other than a few basic Thai phrases, here are a few words and phrases that will help you seem like a polite farang to Thai locals. There are a few pronouns and basic greetings to add to your vocabulary as well.

  • *Hello: sa-was-dee
  • Please: ga-ru-nah
  • *Thank You: korp khun
  • *Yes: chai
  • *No: mai or mai chai
  • I: pom (male), dichan(female), chan (male or female)
  • You: khun, ter
  • He/She: kao
  • Pleased to meet you: yin-dee tee dai roo-jak
  • How are you?: sa-bai dee mai
  • *I’m fine, thanks: sa-bai dee korp khun
  • And you?: laew khun la
  • Pardon?: arai na
  • Sorry/Excuse me: kor toht

* The asterisk indicates that you can add “kaa” if you are a female or “krup” if you are a male to the ending. This makes the phrases even more polite and respectful.

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