Days of the Week in Thai

The names of the days in Thai have a connection to some heavenly bodies like the sun, moon and several planets. Wun means “day” and dao means “star.” Normally, you would say the wun before the name of the day. For example, Sunday would be wun jun.

  1. Sunday (wun ar-tit) Sun (phra ar-tit)
  2. Monday (wun jun) – Moon (phra jun)
  3. Tuesday (wun ung-kan) – Mars (dao ung -kaan)
  4. Wednesday(wun poot) – Mercury (dao prapoot)
  5. *Thursday (wun pa-rue-hut-sa-bor-dee) – Jupiter (pa-rue-hut-sa-bor-dee)
  6. Friday (wun sook) Venus (dao prasook)
  7. Saturday (wun sao) Saturn (dao prasao)

*The name for Thursday is usually shortened to “wun pa-rue-hut” since the full name is rather long.

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