Names of the Months in Thai

The most difficult thing for me in the Thai language are the months. I can carry on a decent conversation in Thai, but ask me what the month of May is in Thai and I’ll be stuck. Unlike most European languages, the names for the months in Thai do not resemble English month names at all. That means there are fewer associations to help you remember the names.

Perhaps I never learned the months in Thai because I could always fall back on a nearby calender or I’d simply use the number to refer to each month. For example, month number 7 is July or “ga-ra-ga dar kom” and month number 10 is October or “dtoo lar kom.” After all these years, I’m starting to remember  the names of a few months.

I do know that the ending on the name of each month tells you how many days are in the month. Months ending with “yon” have 30 days while months ending with “kom” have 31 days. February, of course, is unique and ends with “pun” with 28 or 29 days.

Months – Duean

January – ma ga-ra kom or mok-ga-ra kom

February – goom pa pun

March – mee na kom

April – may sa yon

May – preut sa pa kom

June – mi too na yon

July – ga-ra-ga dar kom or ga-ruk-ga dar kom

August – sing ha kom

September – gun yar yon

October – dtoo lar kom

November – preu sa ji gar yon

December – tun wa kom

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