Toyota and Honda 2008 Models to Use Gasohol E20

Environmentally friendly folks will be happy to hear that several car manufacturers in Thailand will be selling passenger cars with the capacity to use a higher percentage of ethanol in ethanol-gasoline blended fuel (gasohol). These engines have been modified to use ethanol, a renewable fuel, with greater efficiency that older car engines.

The gasohol currently available in Thailand labelled as gasohol 95 is only 10% ethanol, or E10. In the future, these cars will be able to use gasohol that is 20 % ethanol, or E20, while older car engines not modified specifically for ethanol will not.

Toyota, Thailand’s largest manufacturer of passenger cars, has announced that the new Corolla Altis released in Thailand with be able to use E20 gasohol. These cars will be manufactured in Thailand, sold in Thailand as well as to Asean markets. Toyota plans to sell 2,600 units a month with each car priced between 709,000 to 969,000 baht. Passengers cars in the Toyota fleet are also being modified to use E20 ethanol, such as the Vios, Yaris and Camry.

A few other car manufacturers, such as Honda, are also set to release E20 gasohol cars  in the near future. At the 2007 International Motor Expo, Mr. Otaka of Honda, Thailand’s second largest manufacturer of passenger cars, announced that all of Honda’s 2008 car models will be able to use gasohol E20.

For those of you looking to do your part to save the planet from the global climate change that is being caused by carbon dioxide emissions, consider buying one of the new Toyota or Honda cars that are using E20 ethanol fuels. These cars will also accommodate the increased use of ethanol fuels more easily that cars that are not designed to be used with ethanol fuels. You will also help to reduce our consumption of nonrenewable fuels and be part of the initiative to use alternative forms of energy which are renewable.


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