Nature Study Trails in Kung Krabaen Bay

Tips Visitors on Nature Study Trails

Be a Responsible Visitors 

  • Before starting out at the head of the trail, check for information on the route, and a description of the fauna and flora and other highlights that you might reasonably expect to see.
  • Allow sufficient time to explore the route or a predetermined part of the route and discover the things you want to see. 
  • Never venture off the trail on your own.
  • Walk slowly and try not to make sudden noises that might disturb wildlife or other visitors.

Be a Respectful Visitor

  • Take your garbage out with you when you leave.  Don’t reach into the vegetation to touch nesting birds, or venture into the mud to catch crabs or mudskippers. 
  • Avoid trampling vegetation and damaging habitats that animals depend upon by always sticking to the marked route.
  • Never take animal or plant life home with you. 

What to Bring 

  • A pair of 8 x 30 binoculars is most useful for watching birds in forest habitats.
  • A camera and zoom lens, (70 – 300mm) allows you to photograph forest birds but a longer lens is needed for waterbirds.
    • Bring a macro lens for close-up photography of insects and mangrove trees.
    • A flash may help you illuminate an interesting subject in low light. 
  • Wear clothes and footwear appropriate to the terrain and weather conditions.  

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